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Product Name Model Price  
01 6mm Koa Ring$12.00
01 Koa Beads and Swarovski Crystal Wire Bracelet$29.00
01 Koa Beads and Swarovski Crystal Wire Bracelet$29.00
01 Koa Honu Dangle EarringsE268$14.00
01 Koa Monstera Earrings with Mother of Pearl InlayE2245$24.00
01 Koa Plumeria and Abalone Shell Diamonds Adjustable BraceletB731$27.00
01 Koa Plumeria and Abalone Shell Diamonds Adjustable BraceletB731$27.00
01 Koa Voyaging Canoe Pendant$19.00
01 Macadamia All Plumeria Adjustable Bracelet$27.00
01 Mini Koa Button EarringsE202$10.00
01 Mini Koa Plumeria Post EarringsE100$12.00
01 Small Koa Petroglyph Hula Man Pendant$14.00
01 Small Koa Plumeria Pendant$10.00
02 10mm Koa Ring$12.00
02 3 Strand Twist 12mm Turquoise Shell Pearl Adjustable Bracelet$39.00
02 3 Strand Twist 12mm Turquoise Shell Pearl Adjustable Bracelet$39.00
02 Alternating 8mm Koa Bead & Puka Shell Clasp BraceletKP110$12.00
02 Alternating 8mm Koa Bead & Puka Shell Clasp BraceletKP110$12.00
02 Koa Beads and Swarovski Crystal Necklace$16.00
02 Koa Dolphin Hair PickC134$19.00
02 Koa Honu & Plumeria Dangle EarringsE120$17.00
02 Koa Honu and Abalone Shell Diamonds Adjustable BraceletB737$27.00
02 Koa Honu and Abalone Shell Diamonds Adjustable BraceletB737$27.00
02 Large Koa Petroglyph Hula Man Pendant$17.00
02 Macadamia and Bone Plumeria Adjustable Bracelet$27.00
02 Med. Koa Plumeria Pendant$12.00
02 Monstera Pendant with Mother of PearlP505$24.00
02 Slim Barrel Koa Pen$20.00
02 Small Koa Button EarringsE204$12.00
02 Small Koa Plumeria Post Earrings$14.00
02 Small Koa T-Handle Paddle PendantP109$12.00
03 5 Strand Koa Rice Bead NecklaceN435$59.00
03 8mm Koa Bead and Puka Shell Necklace$18.00
03 Engraved Slim Barrel Koa Pen$26.00
03 Koa Beads and Swarovski Crystal Dangle Earrings$18.00
03 Koa Ginger Hair PickC131$19.00
03 Koa Honu & Bone Plumeria Dangle EarringsE121$17.00
03 Koa Plumeria Ring$14.00
03 Large Koa T-Handle Paddle Pendant$16.00
03 Macadamia and Koa Plumeria Adjustable Bracelet$27.00
03 Medium Koa Button EarringsE205$14.00
03 Medium Koa Plumeria Pendant with Freshwater Pearl$15.00
03 Medium Rectangle Koa Hair ClipsC104$18.00
03 Small Koa Petroglyph Paddle Man Pendant$14.00
04 12mm Koa Bead and Puka Shell Necklace$20.00
04 3 Strand Twist 12mm Champagne Shell Pearl Adjustable Bracelet$39.00
04 3 Strand Twist 12mm Champagne Shell Pearl Adjustable Bracelet$39.00
04 3-4mm Macadamia Rice Bead Clasp Bracelet$6.00
04 7 Strand Koa Rice Bead NecklaceN437 | N438$110.00
04 All Koa Plumeria and Abalone Shell Diamonds Clasp BraceletB832$27.00
04 Bone Plumeria Ring$15.00
04 Koa Honu Petroglyph Hair PickC132$19.00
04 Koa Paddle Wall Bracket$25.00
04 Koa Sea Turtle & Plumeria Dangle Earrings$17.00
04 Koa Wine Bottle and 2 Glass Caddy$27.00
04 Large Koa Button EarringsE206$16.00
04 Large Koa Petroglyph Paddle Man Pendant$17.00
04 Large Koa Plumeria Pendant with Freshwater Pearl$17.00
04 XLarge Koa Hook Pendant$32.00
05 10 Strand Koa Rice Bead NecklaceN440$159.00
05 Alternating 8mm Koa & Puka Shell NecklaceKP121$20.00
05 Engraved 38mm Adult Koa Bangle Bracelet$69.00
05 Koa Circle Dangle Earrings with 8mm Turquoise Shell Pearl$20.00
05 Koa Dangle 2 Plumeria Earrings$16.00
05 Koa Heliconia Hair PickC133$19.00
05 Koa Honu and Abalone Diamonds Clasp BraceletB831$15.00
05 Koa Honu and Abalone Diamonds Clasp BraceletB831$15.00
05 Koa Sea Turtle & Bone Plumeria Dangle EarringsE123$17.00
05 Koa Steering Paddle Pendant$19.00
05 Koa Wine Bottle and 4 Glass Caddy$35.00
05 Large Rectangle Koa Hair ClipC106$20.00
05 Macadamia All Plumeria Clasp Necklace$49.00
05 Mini Bone Plumeria Pendant$12.00
05 Mini Koa Sea Turtle Pendant$12.00
05 Small Koa Petroglyph Running Man Pendant$14.00
05 Small Koa Religious Fish Pendant$14.00
05 Small Koa T-Handle Pendant with Mother of Pearl InlayP140$17.00
05 X-Large Koa Button EarringsE207$18.00
05 X-Large Koa Hook Pendant with Shark’s Teeth$35.00
06 15 Strand Koa Rice Bead NecklaceN441$235.00
06 All Koa Plumeria and Abalone Diamonds Clasp Necklace$49.00
06 Koa & Bone Dangle 2 Plumeria Earrings$16.00
06 Koa & Macadamia All Plumeria Clasp Necklace$49.00
06 Koa and 8mm Puka Shell Dangle Earrings$12.00
06 Koa and Bone Steering Paddle Pendant$22.00
06 Koa and Freshwater Pearls Weave Adjustable Bracelet$37.00
06 Koa Circle Dangle Earrings with 8mm Champagne Shell Pearl$20.00
06 Koa Plumeria Hair PickC129$19.00
06 Koa Sea Turtle Post EarringsE122$16.00
06 Large Koa Petroglyph Running Man Pendant$17.00
06 Large Koa Religious Fish Pendant$17.00
06 Large Koa T-Handle Pendant with Mother of Pearl InlayP141$22.00
06 Small Bone Plumeria Pendant$14.00
06 Small Koa Sea Turtle Pendant$14.00
06 Tabletop Koa Paddle Replica with Stand$45.00
06 Thick Barrel Koa Pen$26.00
07 Bone & Macadamia All Plumeria Clasp Necklace$49.00
07 Engraved Thick Barrel Koa Pen$32.00
07 Koa & Bone Sea Turtle Post EarringsE262$14.00
07 Koa 3 Plumeria Dangle Earrings$20.00
07 Koa and 12mm Puka Shell Dangle Earrings$15.00
07 Koa and Mother of Pearl Surfer Symbol Pendant$29.00
07 Koa Monstera Hair PickC147$19.00
07 Koa Plumeria and Rice Beads with Abalone Clasp NecklaceN831-N832-N833$20.00
07 Koa Rounded Triangle Post Earrings$14.00
07 Medium Koa Turtle Pendant$17.00
07 Small Koa Religious Fish with Cross Pendant$16.00
07 Small Koa Square Bottom Paddle Pendant$12.00
07 Small Oval Koa Hair ClipC102$18.00
07 Tri-Color 8mm Shell Pearl Drop Earrings Light$19.00
08 8mm Turquoise Shell Pearl Dangle Earrings$12.00
08 Bone Plumeria and Rice Beads with Abalone Clasp Necklace$20.00
08 Koa and Bone 3 Plumeria Dangle Earrings$20.00
08 Koa and Mother of Pearl Honu Pendant$29.00
08 Koa Dolphin Dangle EarringsE229$16.00
08 Koa Paddle Hair PickC114$19.00
08 Koa Small Circles Dangle Earrings$18.00
08 Large Koa Religious Fish with Cross Pendant$19.00
08 Large Koa Sea Turtle Pendant$24.00
08 Large Koa Square Bottom Paddle Pendant$16.00
08 Large Oval Koa Hair Clip$20.00
08 Mini Flower Pendant$12.00
09 8mm Champagne Shell Pearl Dangle Earrings$12.00
09 Crossed Koa Paddles Pendant$17.00
09 Koa and Freshwater Pearl 3 Strand Twist EarringsE282$18.00
09 Koa Flower Hair PickC162$19.00
09 Koa Large Circles Dangle EarringsE230$20.00
09 Koa Whale Tail Earrings$16.00
09 Mini Plumeria Dangle Earrings$12.00
09 Single Strand Macadamia Rice Bead Necklace$15.00
09 Small Flower Pendant$16.00
09 X-Large Koa Sea Turtle Pendant$29.00
10 3-4mm Macadamia Round Bead Necklace$15.00
10 8mm Koa Bead & Turquoise Shell Pearl Dangle EarringsE400$16.00
10 Koa Book MarkBM101$8.00
10 Koa Hula Dancer Petroglyph Dangle EarringsE260$16.00
10 Koa Swirl Dangle Earrings$20.00
10 Large Flower Pendant$19.00
10 Mini Koa/Bone Turtle Pendant$14.00
10 Small Koa Fishhook with Shark’s Teeth$24.00
10 Small Koa Surfboard Pendant$14.00
10 Small Plumeria Dangle Earrings$14.00
10" Koa Poi Pounder TablePOI101$275.00
10mm Freshwater Pearl Necklace100098$195.00
11 8mm Koa Bead & Champagne Shell Pearl Dangle Earrings$16.00
11 Engraved Honu Design Koa Book Mark$10.00
11 Koa 3-Tier Round Dangle EarringsE252$20.00
11 Koa Letter Opener with Mother of Pearl Inlay$17.00
11 Koa Paddler Petroglyph Dangle EarringsE284$16.00
11 Koa Plumeria and Abalone Shell Diamonds Dangle EarringsE833$16.00
11 Large Koa Hook with Shark Teeth Pendant$29.00
11 Large Koa Surfboard Pendant$17.00
11 Mini Bone Plumeria Dangle Earrings$12.00
11 Small Koa/Bone Turtle Pendant$16.00
11 Small Macadamia Honu Pendant$14.00
11mm Adult Bangle BraceletBE111$17.00
11mm Keiki (Child) Bangle BraceletBE110$13.00
12 Engraved Hula Dancer Design Koa Book Mark$10.00
12 Koa 3-Tier Diamond Dangle EarringsE253$20.00
12 Koa and Bone Surfboard PendantP117$17.00
12 Koa Running Man Petroglyph Dangle EarringsE285$16.00
12 Large Koa/Bone Turtle Pendant$22.00
12 Large Macadamia Honu Pendant$17.00
12 Mini Bone Post Plumeria Earrings$12.00
12" Hinano Vahine Color Vinyl Sticker$10.00
12-Piece Block Stretch BraceletsB322$32.00
12mm Black Freshwater Pearl Pendant100363$39.00
12mm Koa Round Bead NecklaceN501$33.00
12mm Koa Round Bead Stretch BraceletB329$16.00
12mm Pearl Sterling Silver Dangle EarringsPEARL115$620.00
13 3 Strand Twist Koa & 12mm Turquoise Shell Pearl NecklaceN520$49.00
13 Engraved Hibiscus Design Koa Book Mark$10.00
13 Koa Ikaika Warrior Helmet with Natural Feathers$32.00
13 Koa Surfer Dangle EarringsE269$16.00
13 Koa Teardrop Dangle Earrings$16.00
13 Mini Ipu Heke Pendant$12.00
13 Small Koa Flower Earrings$12.00
13 Small Koa Longboard Pendant$14.00
13 Small Koa Monstera Leaf Pendant$14.00
13 Small Koa Whale Tail Pendant$14.00
13 Small Koa/Bone Hook Pendant with Tie$22.00
13 Small Macadamia Sea Turtle Pendant$14.00
13-Piece Koa Block Stretch BraceletB323$35.00
14 Koa Honu Dangle Earrings with Abalone DiamondsE836$17.00
14 Koa Triangle Dangle EarringsE429$20.00
14 Large Koa Longboard Pendant$17.00
14 Large Koa Monstera Leaf Pendant$17.00
14 Large Koa Whale Tail Pendant$17.00
14 Medium Macadamia Turtle Pendant$17.00
14 Small Ipu Heke Pendant$16.00
14K Gold Filled Octopus and Fireball Tahitian Black Pearl$875.00
15 3 Strand Koa Twist with 12mm Champagne Shell Pearl Necklace$49.00
15 Custom Engraved Corporate Design Koa Book Mark$12.00
15 Koa and Bone Pendant LongboardP116$17.00
15 Koa Letter Opener$12.00
15 Koa Paddle Dangle EarringsE220$16.00
15 Koa Rectangle Dangle EarringsE247$20.00
15 Large Ipu Heke Pendant$19.00
15 Large Koa Flower Earrings$20.00
15 Large Macadamia Sea Turtle Pendant$24.00
15 Small Koa Bird of Paradise Pendant$16.00
15 Small Koa Dolphin Pendant$14.00
15 Small Koa Hook with Shark Teeth and Tie Pendant$26.00
15 Small Koa Plumeria Earrings with Freshwater Pearl Center$17.00
15mm Koa Round Bead Separated NecklaceN487$49.00
16 Koa 2 Hole Dangle EarringsE248$20.00
16 Koa Bead Eyeglasses Holder Necklace$20.00
16 Koa Dolphin Pendant Large$17.00
16 Large Koa Plumeria Earrings with Freshwater Pearl Center$19.00
16 Mini Koa Poi Pounder Pendant$12.00
16 Single 15mm Drop Turquoise Shell Pearl Adjustable NecklaceN510$15.00
16 Small Koa Boogie Board PendantP114$10.00
16 Small Koa Monstera Post Earrings$16.00
17 Koa Double Dolphin Pendant$24.00
17 Koa Honu and Bone Plumeria Cell Phone StrapC302$12.00
17 Koa Potato Chip Dangle EarringsE401$20.00
17 Koa Voyaging Canoe Replica with Stand$410.00
17 Large Koa Boogie Board Pendant$17.00
17 Large Koa Monstera Post Earrings$20.00
17 Single 15mm Champagne Shell Pearl Adjustable Drop Necklace$15.00
17 Single Strand Koa Bead and Freshwater Pearl Necklace$19.00
17 Small Koa Poi Pounder Pendant$16.00
18 3 Strand Koa and Freshwater Pearl NecklaceN431$55.00
18 Koa Long Diamond EarringsE256$20.00
18 Koa Marlin Pendant$17.00
18 Koa Ukulele Dangle EarringsE223$14.00
18 Large Koa Poi Pounder Pendant$19.00
18 Plumeria Cell Phone StrapC301$12.00
18 Small Koa and Bone Boogie Board PendantP112-P113$17.00
18 Small Koa Taro Leaf Post Earrings$16.00
18 Tri-Color 8mm Shell Pearl Adjustable Drop Necklace Dark$19.00
18mm Adult Bangle BraceletBE113$22.00
18mm Keiki (Child) Bangle BraceletBE112$15.00
18oz Blacksand$27.00
18oz Blue Hawaii$27.00
18oz Hibiscus Red$27.00
18oz Paradise Pink$27.00
18oz Purple Orchid$27.00
18oz Tiffany Blue$27.00
18oz Volcanic Volt$27.00
18oz White Pikake$27.00
19 5 Strand Koa and Freshwater Pearl Necklace$125.00
19 Koa Slippers Dangle EarringsE221$16.00
19 Koa Ulua (Giant Trevally) Pendant$17.00
19 Large Koa and Bone Boogie Board Pendant$22.00
19 Large Koa Taro Leaf Post Earrings14.00$20.00
19 Mini Koa Palaoa Pendant$12.00
19 Sea Turtle Cell Phone StrapC300$12.00
19 Small Bone Hook Pendant$17.00
19 Tri-Color 8mm Shell Pearl Adjustable Drop Necklace Light$19.00
2 Bone Plumeria & 1 Koa Honu Rice Bead Clasp NecklaceN542-N543=N544$20.00
2 ft. Ceremonial Canoe Paddle w/ Wall MountSP104B$110.00
2 Koa Plumeria & 1 Koa Honu Rice Bead Clasp NecklaceN532-N533-N534$20.00
20 7 Strand Koa Rice Bead and Freshwater Pearl Necklace$175.00
20 Koa Ahi (Tuna) Pendant$17.00
20 Koa Double with Shell Pearl Dolphin Pendant$24.00
20 Koa Shorebird Earrings$16.00
20 Large Bone Hook Pendant$22.00
20 Macadamia Dolphin Pendant$16.00
20 Small Koa Anthurium Post EarringsE108$16.00
20 Small Koa Palaoa Pendant$16.00
20 Small Koa Surfer Pendant$14.00
21 Koa Hook Pendant with 8mm Turquoise Shell Pearl$24.00
21 Koa Mahimahi (Dolphin Fish) Pendant$17.00
21 Koa Rice Bead 3 Loop Earrings$18.00
21 Large Koa Anthurium Post Earrings$18.00
21 Large Koa Palaoa Pendant$19.00
21 Large Koa Surfer Pendant$17.00
21 Small Macadamia Cross$16.00
21mm Koa Round Bead with Ribbon NecklaceN340-N341$49.00
22 3 Strand Koa and Freshwater Pearl Twist Clasp Necklace$39.00
22 Flower Bobby Pin with 8mm Turquoise Shell Pearl$14.00
22 Koa and Bone Boogie Board Key Chain$15.00
22 Koa Heliconia Dangle Earrings$20.00
22 Koa Rice Bead 3 Loop Long Earrings$20.00
22 Koa Shark Pendant$17.00
22 Large Koa Ipu Post EarringsE115$18.00
22 Large Macadamia Cross$19.00
22 X-Large Koa Palaoa Pendant$32.00
23 Koa 3 Strand Twist Earrings Short$17.00
23 Koa Cross Key Chain$15.00
23 Koa Hooks Dangle Earrings$16.00
23 Koa Shark Tooth Pendant$19.00
23 Small Koa Slipper Pendant$14.00
24 Koa and Bone Honu Key ChainK101$15.00
24 Koa Bird of Paradise Dangle EarringsE200$20.00
24 Koa Palaoa Dangle Earrings$16.00
24 Koa Shark with Genuine Shark’s Teeth$26.00
24 Large Koa Slipper Pendant$17.00
24 Short Koa Weave Dangle Earrings$14.00
24 Strand Pacific Shell NecklacePUMANA104$350.00
24 Strand Shells of the Pacific NecklacePUMANA103$350.00
25 Long Koa Weave Dangle Earrings$18.00
25 Sea Turtle Koa Key ChainK100$15.00
25 Small Koa Plumeria with Freshwater Pearl Pendant$17.00
25 Small Koa Poi Pounder Dangle Earrings$16.00
25 Small Ukulele Pendant$14.00
26 Koa Poi Pounder Post Earrings$18.00
26 Large Koa Plumeria with Freshwater Pearl Pendant$19.00
26 Large Ukulele Pendant$17.00
26 Two Koa Rice Bead Earrings$6.00
27 Koa Cross Earrings$16.00
27 Koa/Bone Ukulele Pendant$22.00
29 Koa Poloka (Frog) Pendant$15.00
3 Honu Door StopSP351$15.00
3 Koa & 2 Bone Plumeria Rice Bead Clasp NecklaceN619-N621-N622$20.00
3 Koa Plumeria Together Clasp BraceletPL121$15.00
3 Mother of Pearl Tiare NecklaceMOP152$79.00
3 Separated Koa Plumeria Clasp BraceletPL122$15.00
3 Str. Koa Rice Bead Necklace Various Sizes$35.00
3 Strand Koa Twist Clasp BraceletB550$24.00
3 Strand Multicolored Freshwater Pearl NecklaceFWP250$275.00
3 Tier Koa Bead Wire Bracelet$24.00
3-4mm Koa and Bone Round Bead NecklaceN130-N131-N132$19.00
3-4mm Koa Rice Bead Clasp BraceletB200$6.00
3-4mm Koa Round Bead NecklaceN001-N002-N003$16.00
30 Koa Pueo (Owl) Pendant$17.00
31 Koa Peace Symbol Pendant$15.00
32 Koa Pineapple Pendant$16.00
35 Bone Tiki Pendant$24.00
36" Koa Spear with Feathers and Genuine Shark’s TeethSP109$195.00
37 Koa Leiomano Pendant$35.00
4 Strand Niihau Momi and Kahelelani Shell NecklaceNIER137$1,350.00
40 oz Blacksand$36.00
40oz Blue Hawaii$36.00
40oz Camo$36.00
40oz Green Isle$36.00
40oz Hibiscus Red$36.00
40oz Paradise Pink$36.00
40oz Purple Orchid$36.00
40oz Tiffany Blue$36.00
40oz Volcanic Volt$36.00
40oz White Pikake$36.00
5 Koa Sea Turtles with Bone Shell Adjustable BraceletB769$27.00
5 Mother of Pearl Monstera NecklaceMOP167$150.00
6 Strand Niihau Kahelelani Shell Necklace100627$2,700.00
60" Koa Ihe Lii Lii Spear with Shark’s TeethSP108$295.00
62oz Blacksand$50.00
62oz Blue Hawaii$50.00
62oz Green Isle$50.00
62oz Hibiscus Red$50.00
62oz Paradise Pink$50.00
62oz Purple Orchid$50.00
62oz Tiffany Blue$50.00
62oz Volcanic Volt$50.00
7" Hinano Vahine Silhouette - Black$4.00
7" Hinano Vahine Silhouette - Red$4.00
7" Hinano Vahine Silhouette - Silver$4.00
7" Hinano Vahine Silhouette - White$4.00
8mm Koa Bead & Puka Shell BraceletKP115$12.00
8mm Koa Bead & Puka Shell BraceletKP115$12.00
8mm Koa Bead 6 Strand Twist Necklace with Ribbon TieN615$120.00
8mm Koa Round Bead NecklaceN601-N602-N603$18.00
8mm Koa Round Bead Stretch BraceletB326$15.00
9" Koa Poi Pounder TablePOI101$275.00
Abalone Nacre Triangle Earrings011326$20.00
Additional DesignsBE119$3.00
Additional LettersBE119#$1.00
Adjustable Coconut Ring 1EMV412R$13.50
Adjustable Coconut Ring 10EMV412R$8.50
Adjustable Coconut Ring 2EMV412R$8.50
Adjustable Coconut Ring 3EMV412R$8.50
Adjustable Coconut Ring 4EMV412R$8.50
Adjustable Coconut Ring 5EMV412R$8.50
Adjustable Coconut Ring 6EMV412R$8.50
Adjustable Coconut Ring 7EMV412R$8.50
Adjustable Coconut Ring 8EMV412R$8.50
Adjustable Coconut Ring 9EMV412R$8.50
Ahu ’Ula$0.00
All Bone Plumeria Adjustable NecklaceN581$32.00
All Bone Plumeria Clasp BraceletB569$29.00
All Koa Plumeria Adjustable NecklaceN583$32.00
All Koa Plumeria Clasp BraceletB567$29.00
Aloha For Days$0.00
Aloha Island$0.00
Aloha Pineapple$0.00
Aloha Screen$0.00
Aloha Stingray$0.00
Aloha Tribal$0.00
Ambassador WatchPONOWT$265.00
Ammonite Fossil 3-Piece BraceletAMM007$239.00
Ammonite Fossil Large PendantAMM007$260.00
Ammonite Fossil Post EarringsAMM007$65.00
Anthurium 18mm Dark Resin Bangle100502$10.00
Anthurium 18mm Resin Bangle100502$10.00
Anthurium Large Teak Wood PuzzlePZL101L$43.00
Anthurium Small Teak Wood PuzzlePZL101S$27.00
Black Freshwater Pearl Necklace100204$175.00
Black Freshwater Pearl Poe Poe Bracelet100227$29.00
Blacksand Straw Lid$15.00
Blue Freshwater Pearl Necklace100491$195.00
Bone All Plumeria Adjustable BraceletB789$27.00
Bone All Plumeria Clasp NecklaceN120-N121-N122$49.00
Bone Clam Shell Hair PickC150$19.00
Bone Curl Hair PickC150$19.00
Bone Heliconia Hair Pick$0.00
Bone Honu Hair PickC150$19.00
Bone Tiare Dangle EarringsE129$15.00
Brook Kapukuniahi Parker Print "Hawaiian Coat of Arms"PAINT112$125.00
Brook Kapukuniahi Parker Print "Saint Damien"PAINT112$90.00
Buffalo Horn Hair PickMAKAI1015$19.00
Carved and Burned Chevron Bone EarringsMAKAI07$22.00
Carved and Burned Rectangle Bone EarringsMAKAI10$22.00
Carved and Burned Triangle Bone EarringsMAKAI07$22.00
Carved Auger Shell$8.00
Carved Stone Octopus PendantP621$89.00
Circle of Life Bone Pendant100784$19.00
Coat of Arms$0.00
Coconut and Mother of Pearl Teardrop EarringsEMV412$13.00
Coconut Tree Wood BowlBOWL107$279.00
Crescent Wine HolderW210B$45.00
Cross Medium Wood PuzzlePZL10$33.00
Cross Small Teak Wood PuzzlePZL10$27.00
Curly Koa Tenor Ukulele100451$450.00
CZ Diamonds, Silver Plumeria, and Black Pearl PendantTBP129$195.00
Diamond Shaped Dangle EarringsEMV000$13.00
Dolphin Large Teak Wood PuzzlePZL$43.00
Double Headed Turtle Large BowlBOWL164C$145.00
Double Headed Turtle Medium BowlBOWL164$120.00
Double Headed Turtle Small BowlBOWL164B$85.00
Edyta Franczak Print "Cross Roads of the Pacific"EDT102B$54.00
Edyta Franczak Print "Waikiki"EDT102A$54.00
Egg Cowrie$8.00
Engraved 11mm Adult Bangle Bracelet$32.00
Engraved 11mm Keiki Koa Bangle Bracelet$29.00
Engraved 18mm Adult Koa Bangle BraceletBE103$36.00
Engraved 18mm Keiki Koa Bangle Bracelet$32.00
Engraved Adult Koa ID Adjustable Bracelets$39.00
Engraved Adult Koa ID with Bone Plumeria Adjustable BraceletBE230$39.00
Engraved Honu Design Koa Ceremonial Canoe Paddles$125.00
Engraved Leather Bracelets$5.00
Episcipal Mitre Shell$8.00
Feather Lei Framed Box$570.00
Flexible Koa Baseball Cap$45.00
Flexible Koa VisorHAT105$39.50
Fluorite Round Bead BraceletEMV221$34.00
Fossilized Shark Tooth PendantFOSS105$35.00
Freshwater Pearl Poe Poe Necklace100226$69.00
Genuine Hawaiian Koa Shark’s Teeth SwordSP103$275.00
George Kaiwi Diamond Head Coaster$5.00
George Kaiwi Dolphin Coaster$5.00
George Kaiwi Hidden Treasures Coaster$5.00
George Kaiwi Honu and Friend Coaster$5.00
George Kaiwi Moonlight Coaster$5.00
George Kaiwi Print "Hidden Treasures"GKP100$50.00
George Kaiwi Print "Honu & Friend"GKP100$50.00
George Kaiwi Sunset Coaster$5.00
Glass AngelGL100H$20.00
Glass Blue Sea Turtle FamilyGL101A$45.00
Glass Blue Sea Turtle on ShellGL101D$18.00
Glass Coconut Tree LargeGL103B$18.00
Glass Coconut Tree SmallGL103$8.00
Glass Dog Holding BoneGL114$20.00
Glass DolphinGL117$15.00
Glass Dolphin on ShellGL117S$30.00
Glass Green Sea Turtle FamilyGL101A$45.00
Glass Hula DancerGL100H$20.00
Glass Jellyfish PendantGL160$30.00
Glass Manta Ray on Sea ShellGL116A$24.00
Glass Mermaid on ShellGL113$55.00
Glass Pig Pregnant with Twins$30.00
Glass PineappleGL104$8.00
Glass Pregnant PigGL11$22.50
Glass Sea Turtle BlueGL101$15.00
Glass Sea Turtle GreenGL101$15.00
Glass Sea Turtle PendantGL102A$30.00
Glass Starfish PendantGL119A$15.00
Graduated Koa Round Bead NecklaceN426-N425B-N429-N425-N425$27.00
Green Isle Straw Lid$15.00
Green Turbo Shell100132$24.00
Haleiwa Horizontal Sign100180$69.00
Haleiwa North Shore Kane SignSGN102$110.00
Haleiwa North Shore Vertical Sign100181$99.00
Haleiwa North Shore Wahine SignSGN102$110.00
Hand-Crafted Milo Wood Bowl100432$299.00
Hang Loose Medium Teak Wood PuzzlePZL175M$33.00
Hang Loose Small Wood PuzzleHang Loose Small Teak Wood PuzzlePZL175S$27.00
Hawaii Coffee Mug100836$8.00
Hawaii Palm Koa HatHAT106$45.00
Hawaiian Flag$0.00
Hawaiian Flag Tribal$0.00
Hawaiian Islands Engraved Money Clip100504E$29.00
Hawaiian Islands Inlaid Mirror CompactUWT200$12.50
Hawaiian Islands Koa Wood CoasterDBK148$16.50
Heart Medium Teak Wood PuzzlePZL$33.00
Heart Shaped Turquoise Dish100692$39.00
Hibiscus Engraved Koa Compact MirrorDBK103$39.00
Hinano Clutch BagHIN100$25.00
Hinano Hawaii Kuulei Vinyl Sticker$6.00
Hinano Hawaii Paulena Pareo - Black$30.00
Hinano Hawaii Paulena Pareo - Purple$30.00
Hinano Hawaii Wailana Pareo - HotPink$30.00
Hinano Hawaii Wailana Pareo - Red$30.00
Hinano Kehaulani Pareo - Ocean Blue$30.00
Hinano Kehaulani Pareo - Purple$30.00
Hinano Pacific Pinapple Pareo - Eggplant$30.00
Hinano Pacific Pinapple Pareo - Taupe$30.00
Honu Aloha Shirt Refrigerator MagnetSP146$10.00
Honu Engraved Koa Business Card Carrying CaseSP117$29.00
Honu Engraved Koa Compact MirrorDBK103$39.00
Honu Engraved Money Clip100504E$29.00
Honu Engraved PillboxDBK139$32.00
Honu Family Bone PendantP608$29.00
Honu Family Engraved PillboxDBK139$32.00
Honu Inlaid Mirror CompactUWT201$12.50
Honu Screen$0.00
Islands Engraved Koa Business Card Carrying CaseSP118$29.00
Islands Small Teak Wood PuzzlePZL165$27.00
Jackie Burke “Hamakua, Hawaii Island (Waterfall) Wailele #A01”BURKE201$75.00
Kahala Acacia Wood Watch$150.00
Kahiko Kane$0.00
Kahiko Wahine$0.00
Kim Taylor Reece "Hula Kahiko" PrintKTR202$37.00
Kim Taylor Reece "Kilakila" Print$37.00
Kim Taylor Reece "Pohakea" PrintKTR203$37.00
Kim Taylor Reece Hula Dancer Bronze Wall Sculpture100531$3,900.00
Kim Taylor Reece “Hoe Wa’a” PrintKTR210$57.00
Kim Taylor Reece “Kamalani” PrintKTR213$57.00
King Kamehameha Refrigerator MagnetSP146$10.00
Knucklebuster with Genuine Shark’s TeethSP114$175.00
Koa "Swirl" Fish Hook Pendant in Sterling SilverEMV100$89.00
Koa & Bone All Plumeria Clasp NecklaceN872-N873-N874$49.00
Koa 10" Wall ClockDBK152$165.00
Koa 3 Strand Twist Adjustable NecklaceN525$35.00
Koa 3 Strand Twist Clasp NecklaceN421-N422-N423$35.00
Koa All Hearts Adjustable BraceletB751$27.00
Koa All Honu Adjustable BraceletB771$27.00
Koa All Plumeria Adjustable BraceletB776$27.00
Koa All Plumeria Clasp NecklaceN671-N672-N674$49.00
Koa and Abalone in 10mm Tungsten Link BraceletEMV211$195.00
Koa and Bone Fish Hook Curl PendantP617$35.00
Koa and Bone Fish Hook PendantP617$35.00
Koa and Bone Plumeria Adjustable BraceletB773$27.00
Koa and Bone Plumeria Clasp BraceletB568$29.00
Koa and Bone Plumeria with Dolphin Adjustable BraceletB777$27.00
Koa and Freshwater Pearls 3 Strand Loose Adjustable Bracelet$32.00
Koa and Freshwater Pearls 3 Strand Twist Adjustable Bracelet$32.00
Koa and Freshwater Pearls 6 Strand Braid Adjustable Bracelet$45.00
Koa and Mother of Pearl Inlay Tie PinSP151A$22.00
Koa and Rhodium Aloha Vertical PendantMAKANI109$39.00
Koa and Rhodium Hawaii Vertical PendantPONO$39.00
Koa and Rhodium Kuuipo Vertical PendantMAKANI$39.00
Koa and Stainless Steel Hawaiian Islands PendantPONO$75.00
Koa and Stainless Steel Hibiscus PendantPONO$75.00
Koa and Stainless Steel Sea Turtle PendantPONO101$75.00
Koa and Sterling Large Whale’s Tail PendantEMV112$95.00
Koa and Sterling Silver "Hawaiian" Fish Hook PendantEMV101$95.00
Koa and Sterling Silver "Tribal" Fish Hook PendantEMV102A$95.00
Koa and Sterling Silver 10mm Plumeria Dangle EarringsEMV124$45.00
Koa and Sterling Silver 10mm Plumeria Post EarringsEMV121$45.00
Koa and Sterling Silver 12mm Plumeria Dangle EarringsEMV125$60.00
Koa and Sterling Silver 12mm Plumeria Post EarringsEMV122$60.00
Koa and Sterling Silver 15mm Hibiscus Dangle EarringsEMV133$75.00
Koa and Sterling Silver 15mm Hibiscus PendantEMV130$65.00
Koa and Sterling Silver 15mm Hibiscus Post EarringsEMV135$75.00
Koa and Sterling Silver 15mm Plumeria Dangle EarringsEMV128$75.00
Koa and Sterling Silver 15mm Plumeria PendantEMV115$45.00
Koa and Sterling Silver 15mm Plumeria Post EarringsEMV127$75.00
Koa and Sterling Silver 18mm Hibiscus PendantEMV131$70.00
Koa and Sterling Silver 20mm Hibiscus PendantEMV132$75.00
Koa and Sterling Silver 20mm Plumeria PendantEMV116$60.00
Koa and Sterling Silver 25mm Plumeria PendantEMV117$75.00
Koa and Sterling Silver Cross PendantEMV118$65.00
Koa and Sterling Silver Honu Dangle EarringsEMV109$75.00
Koa and Sterling Silver Honu Post EarringsEMV110$75.00
Koa and Sterling Silver Large Honu PendantEMV108$95.00
Koa and Sterling Silver Large Sea Turtle PendantEMV105$129.00
Koa and Sterling Silver Medium Honu PendantEMV107$75.00
Koa and Sterling Silver Medium Sea Turtle PendantEMV104$85.00
Koa and Sterling Silver Palm Tree PendantEMV111$75.00
Koa and Sterling Silver Roman Cross PendantEMV102$89.00
Koa and Sterling Silver Slipper with Plumeria Strap PendantEMV129$35.00
Koa and Sterling Silver Small Honu PendantEMV106$65.00
Koa and Sterling Silver Small Sea Turtle PendantEMV103$65.00
Koa and Sterling Silver Small Whale’s Tail PendantEMV113$65.00
Koa and Tungsten 10mm Link BraceletEMV211$175.00
Koa and Tungsten 14mm Link BraceletEMV210$195.00
Koa and Tungsten 8mm RingEMV200$150.00
Koa BoxJ114$285.00
Koa Box with Removable LidP333$220.00
Koa Calabash BowlBOWL250$299.00
Koa Calabash Bowl #3100660$370.00
Koa ChopsticksPP107$12.00
Koa Coffee ScoopDBK160$19.50
Koa Cribbage Board with Pegs100220A$52.00
Koa Cutting Board100221$69.00
Koa Engraved Manta Ray Design Ceremonial Canoe Paddles$125.00
Koa Hair PickC163$12.00
Koa Hand MirrorSP151$29.00
Koa Honu and Bone Plumeria Adjustable BraceletB781$27.00
Koa Honu and Bone Plumeria Adjustable NecklaceN580$32.00
Koa Honu and Bone Plumeria Clasp BraceletB502$15.00
Koa Honu and Plumeria Adjustable BraceletB779$27.00
Koa Honu and Plumeria Clasp BraceletB501$15.00
Koa Honu and Rice Beads with Abalone Clasp NecklaceN837-N838-N839$20.00
Koa Mantel Clock100278DBK$115.00
Koa Mo’o (Gecko) Pendant$15.00
Koa Moana and Pearl Dangle EarringsMS115$25.00
Koa Na Hoku Leiomano Knuckle-BusterSP131S$245.00
Koa Open LeiomanoSP1016$195.00
Koa Pedestal Box100147$259.00
Koa Plumeria with Dolphin Adjustable BraceletB782$27.00
Koa Poi Pounder Hair PickC140$0.00
Koa Rice Bead & Freshwater Pearls Dangle Earrings$10.00
Koa Rice Bead and Freshwater Pearls Bracelet$10.00
Koa Rice Bead NecklaceN098-N099-N100-N101-N102-$13.00
Koa Rice PaddleSP115$17.00
Koa Salt and Pepper Shaker SetDBK106$30.00
Koa Sea Turtle Adjustable BraceletB772$27.00
Koa Sea Turtle and Bone Plumeria Adjustable BraceletB778$27.00
Koa Sea Turtle and Bone Plumeria Adjustable NecklaceN579$32.00
Koa Sea Turtle and Plumeria Adjustable BraceletB775$27.00
Koa Starfish PendantP751$16.00
Koa Tiare Large EarringsE127L$18.00
Koa/Bone Plumeria Adjustable NecklaceN576$32.00
Lapis Lazuli 6mm Bead NecklaceLAP108$59.00
Lapis Lazuli 8mm Bead BraceletLAP109$24.00
Lapis Lazuli 8mm Bead NecklaceLAP103$39.00
Lapis Lazuli BraceletLAP110$10.00
Large Jade Hook Boxed PendantP609$169.00
Large Koa Jewelry Box100301$670.00
Large Koa Plumeria Post Earrings w/ Fresh Water PearlE580$19.00
Large Koa Rectangle Pendant with Shark Teeth TattooP421$19.00
Large Koa/Bone Hook Pendant with Tie$26.00
Large Nerite Shell NecklaceN250$225.00
Large Popular Wood BowlBOWL168$810.00
Larimar 11 Stone Bead NecklaceLAR170$700.00
Larimar 2 Stone Teardrop EarringsLAR188$265.00
Larimar and Polished Wire PendantLAR124$400.00
Larimar and Sterling Silver NecklaceLAR186$935.00
Larimar and Sterling Silver RingLAR181$395.00
Larimar and Sterling Silver Twist EarringsLAR134$150.00
Larimar Center of the Heart EarringsLAR135$170.00
Larimar Diamond Shaped PendantLAR175$460.00
Larimar Dolphin EarringsLAR114$90.00
Larimar Framed Oval Earrings$160.00
Larimar Heart EarringsLAR117$240.00
Larimar Oblique Heart Earrings$120.00
Larimar Oval EarringsLAR166$100.00
Larimar Pentagonal Earrings$160.00
Larimar Round Flat PendantLAR185$650.00
Larimar Sphere PendantLAAQR159$220.00
Larimar Tiered Oval EarringsLAR102$95.00
Larimar Turtle Earrings$120.00
Lg. Koa Hook Pendant$21.00
Little Glass WhaleGL104$15.00
Longneck Koa Wood UkuleleUKE124$225.00
Map Cowry Sea Shell$8.00
Marble Cone Shell$8.00
Masae Martin "Bird of Paradise” Giclee PrintMASAE102$38.75
Masae Martin Giclee Print "Home on the Beach”MASAE102$43.75
Masae Martin Original Oil "Memories of Yesteryear”MASAE138$695.00
Medium Blue Ceramic Dish100693$65.00
Medium Koa Plumeria Post Earrings w/ Fresh Water PearlE581$17.00
Medium Long Beige Platter100693$55.00
Medium Rectangle Blue Ceramic Dish100693$55.00
Medium Square Beige Ceramic Dish100693$55.00
Megalodon Shark Tooth Pendant100808$79.00
Memory Music BoxMB100$145.00
Milo Wood Bowl with Cover100432$299.00
Mini Koa Fish Hook PendantP520$14.00
MNonaka Original Watercolor "Hula Dancer in Brown"NONAKA101$1,650.00
MNonaka Original Watercolor "Hula Dancer in Red"NONAKA102$1,500.00
Mohina Ono Key Chain Bottle Opener$10.00
Mohina Pae Key Chain Bottle Opener$10.00
Monstera 18mm Resin Bangle100502$10.00
Monstera 38mm Resin Bangle100502$15.00
Monstera Dark 18mm Resin Bangle100502$10.00
Monstera Dark 38mm Resin Bangle100502$15.00
Moorish Idol Large Teak Wood PuzzlePZL105M$43.00
Mother of Pearl and Abalone Shell EarringsEMV412E$36.00
Mother of Pearl and Metal Starburst Dangle EarringsEMV000$13.00
Mother of Pearl and Metal Stripe Dangle EarringsEMV000$13.00
Mother of Pearl and Metal Swirl Dangle EarringsEMV000$13.00
Mother of Pearl and Metal Target Dangle EarringsEMV000$13.00
Mother of Pearl and Silver Dangle EarringsEMV408$36.00
Mother of Pearl and Tahitian Black Pearl Flex NecklaceMOP505$49.00
Mother of Pearl Crescent Dangle EarringsEMV000$13.00
Mother of Pearl Inlaid Money Clip100504E$35.00
Mother of Pearl Rectangle Dangle EarringsEMV000$13.00
Mother of Pearl Shell and Tahitian Black Pearl Pendant100474$39.00
Mother of Pearl Single Tiare Necklace100261$32.00
Murex Shell$8.00
Natural Edge Koa Bowl100773$195.00
Niihau Kahelelani and Sunrise Shell EarringsNINK158$295.00
Niihau Kahelelani Bracelet100250$125.00
Niihau Kahelelani Necklace with Sunrise Shell PendantNINK$250.00
Niihau Kahelelani Poepoe BraceletNIBR$450.00
Niihau Kahelelani Poepoe NecklaceNINK128$3,000.00
Niihau Kahelelani Shell Dangle EarringsNIER134$86.00
Niihau Momi and Kahelelani Shell Bracelet100322$180.00
Niihau Momi and Kahelelani Shell NecklaceNINK121$425.00
Niihau Shell Post Earrings100384$40.00
Okole Door Stopper$15.00
Opihi and Tube Shell Dangle EarringsE2970$20.00
Opihi Shell Pendant100592$59.00
Opihi Shell Pendant100592D$135.00
Opihi Shell Pendant100592A$45.00
Opihi Shell Pendant100592C$110.00
Opihi Shell Pendant100592Ax$45.00
Pacific Shell 3 Strand Dangle EarringsE281$16.00
Palm Tree Large Teak Wood PuzzlePZL175L$43.00
Paracord Handles$12.00
Paradise Pink Straw Lid$15.00
Pearled Turbo Marmoratue Shell$45.00
Pineapple Grenade$0.00
Pineapple Large Teak Wood PuzzlePZL10$43.00
Pineapple Medium Teak Wood PuzzlePZL10$33.00
Pineapple Small Teak Wood PuzzlePZL10$27.00
Plumeria Aloha$0.00
Plumeria and Pearls Hoop Dangle EarringsMS115$25.00
Plumeria Door Stop$15.00
Plumeria Inlaid Mirror CompactUWT203$12.50
Plumeria Large Teak Wood PuzzlePZL104L$43.00
Plumeria Small Teak Wood PuzzlePZL10$27.00
Polished Top Shell$8.00
Premiere Curly Koa Ceremonial Canoe Paddles$400.00
Premiere Curly Koa T-Handle Ceremonial Canoe Paddles$400.00
Roger Chandler Giclees "Duke” on Stretched Canvas$125.00
Roger Chandler Print "Dolphin Dance”100881$29.50
Roger Chandler Print "Paradise Palms”100881$29.50
Roger Chandler Print "Surfer Girl”100881$29.50
Roger Chandler Print "Surfin Buddies”100881$29.50
Rounded Beige Ceramic Dish100692$29.00
Scallop Shell LampOMI100$190.00
Sea Shell Large Teak Wood PuzzlePZL10$43.00
Sea Shell Medium Teak Wood PuzzlePZL10$33.00
Shark Tooth Fossil Pendant100114$15.00
Shell Key ChainSHELLKEY$5.00
Single Strand Koa Rice Bead Necklace$13.00
Sleek Open Leiomano Warrior’s ClubWEAP101$250.00
Slipper Large Teak Wood PuzzlePZL$43.00
Slipper Small Teak Wood PuzzlePZL105S$27.00
Small Jade Hook Boxed PendantP610$89.00
Small Koa Fish Hook PendantP521$19.00
Small Koa LeiomanoWEAP100$190.00
Small Koa Rectangle Pendant with Shark Teeth TattooP420$15.00
Small Onyx Tumbler100585$19.00
Spindle Sea Shell$8.00
Standard Size Koa UkuleleUKE100$295.00
Standard Ukulele Curly Maple WoodUKE201$165.00
Standard Ukulele Zebra WoodUKE200$180.00
Starfish Dangle EarringsPCG110$10.00
Sterling Silver 16mm Rolling Pearl PendantPEARL103$450.00
Sterling Silver and 11mm White PearlPEARL113$380.00
Sterling Silver and 14mm White PearlPEARL119$410.00
Sterling Silver and Abalone Slipper Floral Pendant$32.00
Sterling Silver and Abalone Slipper Honu Pendant$32.00
Sterling Silver and Abalone Starfish Pendant$65.00
Sterling Silver Barrel Tahitian Black Pearl Pendant121MANA$95.00
Sterling Silver Fishook Pendant$39.00
Sterling Silver Honu and Tahitian Black Pearl Pendant100532B$110.00
Sterling Silver Plumeria and Tahitian Black Pearl PendantPEARL126$110.00
Surfboard Clock on Stand with HonuUWT100$45.00
Surfboard Medium Teak Wood PuzzlePZL115M$33.00
Surfrider WatchPONO$195.00
Tabletop Koa Bent Paddle on StandPS101$55.00
Tahitian Black Pearl Adjustable RingMANA401$75.00
Tahitian Black Pearl and CZ Diamonds Dangle EarringsTBP128$149.00
Tahitian Black Pearl Sterling Silver Hoop EarringsMANA117$180.00
Tahitian Black Pearl Sterling Silver Pineapple Pendant100523D$110.00
Tahitian Mother of Pearl Carved Shell Belt10612$89.00
Tahitian Mother of Pearl Red Floral Earrings100230$20.00
Tahitian Mother of Pearl Textured Shell Belt$89.00
Tahitian White Floral Earrings100447$20.00
Tahtian Mother of Pearl Floral Necklace11228$59.00
Tall Onyx Tumbler100583$32.00
Taviri Maha Vinyl Key Chain$0.00
Taviri Toru Vinyl Key Chain$7.00
Temoe Towel - Blue$35.00
Temoe Towel - Purple$35.00
Textile Cone Shell$8.00
Tiare Aloha$0.00
Tiare Tribal$0.00
Tiffany Blue Straw Lid$15.00
Tiger Cowrie Shell$8.00
Tiger Eye Bead EarringsE203B$12.00
Tiger Eye Bead Necklace100900$74.00
Tiger Eye Stretch BraceletB100B$35.00
Titanium Koa Classic RingClassic$150.00
Titanium Koa Classic RingClassic$150.00
Titanium Koa Thin Ring$150.00
Titanium Koa Thin Ring$150.00
Titanium Koa Wide RingWide$150.00
Titanium Koa Wide RingWide$150.00
Tribal Flower$0.00
Tribal Honu Dark 38mm Resin Bangle100502$15.00
Turtle Large Teak Wood PuzzlePZL107l$43.00
Turtle Medium Teak Wood PuzzlePZL107M$33.00
Turtle Small Teak Wood PuzzlePZL107S$27.00
Two Honu Koa Wood CoasterDBK148$16.50
Ukulele Medium Teak Wood PuzzlePZL113M$33.00
Ukulele Refrigerator MagnetSP146$10.00
Uli Uli Rattles100695$110.00
Vaitiare Towel - Mist$35.00
Vaitiare Towel - Ruby Red$35.00
Vintage Hawaii Wooden Post Card AVO100$7.99
Vintage Hawaii Wooden Post Card BVO100$7.99
Vintage Hawaii Wooden Post Card CVO100$7.99
Vintage Hawaii Wooden Post Card DVO100$7.99
Vintage Hawaii Wooden Post Card EVO100$7.99
Vintage Hawaii Wooden Post Card FVO100$7.99
Vintage Hawaii Wooden Post Card GVO100$7.99
Vintage Hawaii Wooden Post Card HVO100$7.99
Vintage Hawaii Wooden Post Card IVO100$7.99
Vintage Hawaii Wooden Post Card JVO100$7.99
Vintage Hawaii Wooden Post Card KVO100$7.99
Vintage Hawaii Wooden Post Card LVO100$7.99
Vintage Hawaii Wooden Post Card MVO100$7.99
Vintage Hawaii Wooden Post Card NVO100$7.99
Vintage Hawaii Wooden Post Card OVO100$7.99
Vintage Hawaiian Art Bracelet$9.50
Vintage Hawaiian Bird Art Bracelet$9.50
Vintage Hawaiian Fish Art Bracelet$9.50
Wana Kii (Sea Urchin Spine) Intricate Pendant100646$99.00
Wana Kii (Sea Urchin Spine) Pendant100645$59.00
Whale Large Teak Wood PuzzlePZL$43.00
Whale Medium Teak Wood PuzzlePZL$33.00
Whale Medium Teak Wood PuzzlePZL$33.00
White Ash Wood BowlBOWL161$170.00
White Knobby Starfish$8.00
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